Prevent delivery failures

with motivated teams

making better decisions themselves

Supercharge Product Development in a single place

Spot delays & Deliver faster

Plan well ahead based on data

Tune for growth with 360 data

azimu is created to empower Product and Technology executives

Make decisions
not talks

Be always up to date with the real progress and use valuable time with your team to make decisions on important issues rather than getting the awareness

Prevent broken

Get to know first when progress is getting blocked or the quality is compromised. Uncover and fix them before they force the promises to be broken

Be ahead
of your team

Uncover your team's collaboration and performance patterns and empower them to improve removing unnecessary load and process inefficiencies

Deliver Faster with a motivated team

Teams resolve daily delivery struggles in one click based on successful peers' experience without any managers

Teams get motivated by success peers around with pre-generated peer behaviour appraisals

Plan well ahead based on data

Plan upcoming sprint to seamlessly deliver it based on historical performance and task health

Track your auto-generated product roadmap live based on team progress

Want to know when your release will actually be ready?

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Tune for growth with 360 portfolio data

Track portfolio performance along all delivery stages from ideation to deploy in standardised metrics

Spot important features under the risk and see what has to be changed to speed up delivery

azimu is easy to connect and secure to use

Easy to Connect

Generate and Upload your Git, Jira and Slack access tokens within 3 minutes and check all your data in a single place

Personalised onboarding

Our managers onboard you personally and make sure you get the most value out of azimu functionality

Secure & GDPR compliant

We acknowledge the value of your data and so keep it safe and compliant with all required security and GDPR standards

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